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Construction Practice

Long-term business cooperation

  • 7 construction teams have formed strategic cooperative relationship with Kejian.
  • Strategic cooperation for over 5 years.
  • Over 500 construction personnel.

Access permit mechanism

  • With relevant certificates, safe production and corresponding qualifications.
  • Have enough human resources and considerable economic capabilities
  • Have the safety production responsibility system, safety management personnel qualification certificate and the necessary tools for construction.

Scoring mechanism

  • Scoring construction team according to the numbers of personnel, construction progress, construction quality and construction safety.
  • Scoring period: once a month.

Delivery guarantee

Develop a series of measures to support ensure delivery cycle

Organizational measures

  • Implement specific tasks and responsibilities of the progress on each personnel.

Planning discipline

  • Make weekly plans basing on delivery program.

Production measures

  • Implement the production target planning in production process, carry out competition between team and team, formulate reward and punishment plan to fully mobilize initiative.

Economic measure

  • Certain amount of fund is set and prepared for specific project to ensure the delivery time, and implement the special fund system to ensure the project schedule will not be affected.